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The work of Daniel Authouart is in the movement of artists who, at the turn of the 70s, provoked by the contemporaneity of the work of Pop-American Artists, felt the need to propose a new form of narrative painting.

How could a painter, with his pencil and brush, offer an original testimony to his time as innumerable image machines began to overwhelm the world?
To answer this question, the artists tried to present a relevant reading of the world around them. Some favoring a color (Monory, Velickovic), others isolating signs of our civilization (Klasen, Raynaud), others still using the press in abyss (Le Gac, Rancillac) …
Daniel Authouart, he chose to “paint his time as we write a newspaper”:
characters, sets and objects are noted (sketched) on day-to-day notebooks. They are found, staged, in the paintings to become the subject of a reflection, the expression of an individual or collective fantasy, or simple Polaroid of a “thing seen”. Words are replaced by images …

Daniel AUTHOUART was born on September 17, 1943 in Lillebonne – Normandie.
1953: he settles with his mother, in Rouen, in the Martainville district. At that time, it is the most badly visited place in the city.
Rouen has become a huge field of ruins that is just starting to recover from the Allied bombing of 1944.

It is in this surrealist setting that the young Daniel plays with his school friends, inspired by the scenes of films that the neighborhood cinemas program. These first color films from across the Atlantic transport with them the “American legend”.
At the age of 14, Daniel Authouart leaves school. He draws, paints and discovers the work of Toulouse-Lautrec “Au Moulin Rouge”.
For the teenager, whose culture was limited to cinema and comics, it is the revelation, the style of Toulouse-Lautrec attracts him naturally. The work of Toulouse-Lautrec will be his gateway to the world of art.

Entered at the Beaux-Arts in Rouen at the age of 16, Daniel Authouart successively studied painting, interior design and advertising, obtaining diplomas in these different disciplines.
Parallel to the continuation of his studies, he works in interior design and advertising firms, without ceasing to paint.

Having become a professor of drawing in the colleges, the National Education sends it to the E.N.N.A. . In September 1972, he meets Geneviève, a young artist who encourages him to devote himself to painting.
The inscription of Daniel Authouart, in January 1974 at the “House of Artists” testifies to his decision to devote himself exclusively to painting.

1980: Alain Matarasso, director of the Galerie du Center in Paris, presents the painting “To Paint or Not to Paint” by Daniel Authouart at FIAC – Grand Palais Paris. This is the starting point of a long collaboration between the artist and his merchant.

1983: first stay in the USA with Alain Matarasso presenting for the first time his work in New York.

“An existential question was asked by Daniel Authouart in 1980 with the painting titled” To paint or not to paint “, immediately presented to the FIAC by Alain Matarasso, who would become the main merchant and friend of the painter until today In front of a painting hanging on a graffiti wall, a painter could be seen directing against his temple, like a revolver, a red paintbrush, and at his feet a copy of a newspaper at the time, Le Quotidien.

One was blocked by an enormous title: “Alert!” If the painting was in conformity with the world, with its “pedalo of war” dropped in a swimming pool filled with more or less stupid swimmers, was it indeed necessary to tell it, this derisory world? There will be no answer until thirty-three years later, after a gradual deepening of the question, leading it to a kind of vertigo, mainly through three paintings: A new world (2009), An … other world (2013) and Vertigo (2014). ”
J.L.Chalumeau (art historian)

1983 – Daniel Authouart designs and creates the posters and the decor of Eddy Mitchell’s outdoor concert on the port of Le Havre.
1984 – first retrospective, Maison du Festival – Rouen.
Design and production of the stage set for Gildas Bourdet’s “Service Station”.
1986 – Retrospective, House of Culture, space O.Niemeyer – Le Havre.
Conception and realization of the binding for the manuscripts of Flaubert Bouvard and Pécuchet, Library of Rouen.
1989 – Janet Jackson receives Daniel Authouart in Los Angeles for an order for an illustrative flipchart on her CD.
– AUTHOUART retrospective Carré des arts-Paris floral park, organized by the Paris City Hall.
2000 – Retrospectives at the Saintes Museum, then at the Corderie Royale in Rochefort and at the Museum of Fine Arts in Cognac.
2003 – Retrospective “The Grand Canyon of the Image Supermarket”, Benedictine Palace in Fécamp.
Christophe Guyomard accompanies Daniel Authouart in New York to direct the film “Authouart, the Frenchman of America”.
2012 – AUTHOUART “A retrospective 2002 – 2012” MATMUT for the arts – Center for Contemporary Art Matmut Saint Pierre Varengeville.
2013 – AUTHOUART exhibitions “Now and Ever” and “Window-Vertigo”
2014 – AUTHOUART exhibitions “Vertigo” and “The white canvas”
2015 – ExpositionsAUTHOUART “The collection of an amateur”, “The dream of the staircase” and “Look of the moment … time”
2016 – Solo Show “Out Of Order” at Art Elysées Paris from 20-24 October,
AUTHOUART exhibition “Out Of Order”, Center Gallery 76004 Paris from November 3rd to December 23rd 2016
2017 – Exhibition AUTHOUART “EXIT, recent works” LE HAVRE Galerie Hamon

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