A new style… Unique and full of colors !!!

Enthusiastic and spontaneous, Virginia Benedicto is an artist who generously offers her colors and good humor through her works.
Born in 1971 in Madrid, her studies in the field of advertising and art, her culture and her various experiences, naturally led her to focus on artistic creation, making her passion, her profession.

His paintings and sculptures, which always express joy and joy of living, are bathed in multiple influences, mostly Latin. Also, under his brushes and hands, shapes and curves are born and drawn, round and voluptuous.

Virginia Benedicto’s favourite themes for her paintings are apple and love through which she simply wants to offer an optimistic view of life.

A fresh and sparkling look that invites you to come and bite with gluttony all his original creations.

From advertising to Fine Arts :
“From a very young age I have always drawn or tinkered with what was coming to my hand. When I was pursuing higher education, I wasn’t clear about how to articulate this creative need with the realities of the world of work and I opted for an advertising school. With my diploma in my pocket, I worked in a big Parisian agency for a few months and then I slammed the door to resume a course at the School of Fine Arts in Orleans,” says Virginia Benedicto.

After years of experimentation, Virginia Benedicto has asserted her style and has built a solid reputation in the art market.

Now known all over the world, Virginia Benedicto enjoys a dazzling and truly deserved reputation…

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