Born in Sept-Iles, Quebec, BOUDRO lives and works in the Montreal area, but his heart remains anchored in New York.

His vibrant, energy-filled works reflect the unbridled rhythm and the feverish atmosphere that characterizes the Big Apple : an urban ballet under the crushing weight of advertising.

BOUDRO is a pop artist par excellence. Influenced by American pop art as well as the work of Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Roy Lichtenstein, he painted New York as nobody.

It creates perspective and depth effects; Volumes and colors interact to express chaos, always with a touch of humor.

Collectors and art critics appreciate the complementarity of his humor with the exuberance and neo-pop colors of his works.

Since 2000 BOUDRO has been represented all over the world.

BOUDRO has had many solo exhibitions in New York, Montreal, Geneva and Paris among others. His work has also been selected to be part of the Francophone Artists’ Dialogue of Cultures exhibition – organized at the UN headquarters in New York and seen by more than 500,000 visitors.

During his 25 years of artistic career BOURDO has attracted many collectors around the world with his unique PUZZLES and full of movement and his MOZAICS masterful in pure colors.

For his more recent works BOUDRO gives a new life to an endangered thing: the TIMBRE post. Art works have always been used to illustrate stamps.

Today, BOUDRO with his unrivaled talent as a graphic artist transforms the TIMBRE himself into a work of art. The disproportion of the elements and perspectives present in his STAMPS gives the viewer the impression of being totally involved in the dynamism and vitality of the city that has fascinated the artist forever.

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