A passionate self-educated teacher of visuals arts since his childhood.

Thierry d’Ascia discovered photography at fourteen and, naturally, began his career as an independent photographer. Thirty years devoted mainly to the celebration of the female sensuality led him to rethink his approach in 2010 and to extend his photographic pactice to the fine arts.

Starting from the shots he has in this incredible personal photo library, Thierry d’Ascia creates his paintings like views of life, moment both intimate and extensive, wich are metamorphs for the beauty that surrounds us.

Drawing on Pop Art aesthetics and the works of americans painter like Andy Warhol or Jean Michel Basquiat…

Thierry d’Ascia works with a rariety of media, mixing photography, painting, paper collage and digital retouching to transcend his subjects and uncrease their visual impact. Its original and personal style, its asserted identity very Neo-Pop Art allows him a growing gratitude.

Today, Thierry d’Ascia crosses film festivals in France and worldwide to put it résonnance his works with this universe which fascinates him for a long time.

So, his photomontages were exposed in 2017 during the Cannes film festival, the festival of deauville, and at the end of the year to the festival of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

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