FLOW PAINTING alias Arnaud Florentin

It becomes painter or inadvertently, not even by accident … it is.

The energy used in the works of the artist Flow plunge us with magnetism in an aerial aesthetic, evanescent. His touch, singular and army wants already easily identifiable. In his artistic approach, Flow took the time to explore various directions, until his label identifies the original technique that suited his art.

Born in Nancy in 1978, is in his hometown that Arnaud Florentin formed plastic arts at the prestigious National School of Fine Arts of Nancy. This classical training and allowed him to develop his sensitivity, to open up to other artistic fields. He preferred, however, to get out of this dense experience, back to his old love: the spontaneous, instinctive practice of an art of its own. There followed an artistic career driven by a deep need to create, burning since the graphs of his years of high school.

“Influenced by the action painting, my painting is a perpetual search for movement and gestural work,” explains the artist. “Through the technique of dripping, pouring my faces appear, throwing paint on canvas without ever touching it, leaving an unexpected hand and freedom. This technique is particularly sensitive to movements and movements at the limit of the unpredictable. The paint should live, spill, explode, surprise, touch the soul. ”

If the controlled techniques and probed by the artist are multiple (dripping, painting, pen drawing / pastel / posca …), the discussed themes and subjects are even more numerous. reckless artist Flow does not hesitate to represent extremely popular figures in the history of art (Marilyn Monroe, Mona Lisa, Arthur Rimbaud, Serge Gainsbourg, Van Gogh etc.), but mostly anonymous faces, the expressions of violence fascinates.

Besides portraits, Flow represents the contemporary world, by more or less precise lighting: urban views to the series of weapons, through some vanities (skulls, bones …)

A work of inexhaustible wealth, this is what works Flow, in a perpetual state of creation. The strong expressiveness of the characters in his works reflect the intense sensitivity of the artist, that when it creates is able to forget, to forget their own environment. Home or when performance Flow painted under pressure, draws with adrenaline, shows off her aesthetic instincts.

Flow control a large number of techniques, but it is undoubtedly the dripping, that of allowing the paint to drip, that haunts most his work and will enhance his fame: “By dint of throwing paint on canvas with a brush, I decided to work only in the planning, pouring, without touching the medium. ” The consecration will not be made to wait long: soon after his first portraits in 2006-2007, Nancy Jazz Pulsation entrusted him to carry his poster Music 2008 edition, again and again, when you hold us …

Over the following years, he participated in contemporary art exhibitions, is made known to the other side of the world to Korea; he exhibited his works in galleries and continues to deepen its technical painting faces, famous or anonymous, jazz musicians, boxers, vanities or urban scenes. They remind us of its roots in a contemporary world marked as much by a frenzy of modernism than by concern about a future with uncertain contours where violence flush.

In 2015, Flow exhibited in several galleries in France and abroad and it is he who carries the visual festival “Solidays”. A new recognition and, more than ever, a lot of projects in mind that reflect the creativity of an artist in symbiosis with a time whose bitterness summoned all the forces of imagination as a necessity. In this existential game, there is no doubt that Nancy has mastered: the coming years will only confirm a talent whose development is already accomplished and already our eyes, just waiting to be dazzled again and again!

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