Henri Iglesis is a contemporary artist of Catalan origin, inventor of the process of the sheet blown …

IGLESIS Henry was born in 1964 in Perpignan, his grandfather was a blacksmith and his father, turner-toolmaker.

In 2008, the coppersmith became sculptor by the surprising invention of a process that became his trademark: the blown sheet.

The figure of his father, turner fitter, was certainly crucial in the artistic development of the young boy. Henri Iglesis spent his childhood in the workshop of this artisan he loved and admired fervently. “Do not touch anything, look and you will learn” ‘he whispered …

Therefore, it is easier to understand the passion of Henry for manual labor and metals, with whom it all his life and he draw his art.

Henri Iglesis finishes his schooling in 1981, emerging from a double degree “tinker sheet metal” and “Welder” and works workshop now.

He continues to attend assiduously the workshop of his father, in which he makes several objects sheet metal worked to hammer.

In 2008 , during the development of a statue bearing the likeness of his did, that came to him the idea of injecting air in a welded sheet metal part first. The majority of his works are sculptures shaped by inflation .

This original process shaping, he fine-tuned and developed, is now officially filed, and the term “sheet blown” copyrighted.

So it is through this unique technology that extends the visionary creativity of the artist, which allowed his imagination and his mischievous humor to take concrete form.

Its clean works are all with a characteristic lightness visual lightness, combining the weight of the metal patina to the flexibility of the air; but mainly lightness of a dream world, colorful, carefree, in which we Iglesis Henry leads.

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