Josepha was born in 1950 in the South West of France. From her mother’s Italian origin, she inherited her first name and probably her creativity.

She was first a fashion designer and her collections of leathers and hats earned her an international success that many others would have been satisfied with.

But Josepha is burning with desire to confront other subjects. His meeting with the man who today shares his life, sculptor himself and professor of plastic arts, will be decisive.

In 1992, she decided to devote herself body and soul to sculpture. His lively and poetic style is immediately asserted through earth, stone and bronze.

Then with polyester, it takes on a dreamlike dimension, characterized by feminine forms reduced to the essentials, highlighted by a luxuriance of colorful effects.

There is in his work the mystery and magic of creation. His world is between dream and reality, where imagination has no limit and where all fantasies and freedoms are allowed, provided that refinement, elegance and poetry remain.

Josepha represents the woman in all her splendor, highlighting her femininity, her sensuality, her tenderness, her exuberant or wise nature.

His characters live, move, breathe, and have nothing of the classic academic nude. If we had to choose a godfather for him, it would inevitably be Degas. There is in his sculptures all the grace, all the lightness, the finesse and the life of his dancers.

All her work is a celebration of the modern woman, mother and seductress, ingenious and attractive, exuberant or wise.

None of them is frozen in a “posed” attitude, all are there, seized on the spot and ready to move. They walk with a light and dancing step, remain a dreaming moment, offering their faces to the sun’s rays.

Unlike frozen marbles, the artist likes to represent them in all the poses of life, sometimes accompanied by a small child.

There are never models, just an idea that guides the work to its completion, bringing its share of surprises.

Josepha plays with space and volumes, for her, movement is an essential component, essential to the grace and harmony of a silhouette.

It allows itself the most daring extravagances and is not afraid to force the imbalance into its slightest entrenchments, in search of the exact point of gravity. It is a challenge that she constantly throws at herself, with each new creation.

And what could be funnier and more original than to dress these small and vivid bodies with brightly colored outfits: miracle of the patina that gives the bodies shades of bluish green or golden leather, but dresses and lace twirl in their own colors.

It is indeed the color that contributes to this breath of life and our gaze softens, we then remember the ancient times when the woman was synonymous with fertility and joy.

Josepha’s register is indeed that of love, tenderness, goodness and inner beauty. Her sculptures are only femininity and sensuality where are added a touch of humor, a lot of seduction, charm and voluptuousness.

The artist is as passionate and imaginative as he is rigorous. Bubbling and generous, she always favors moments of relaxation and happiness, exuberantly emphasizing the charm and carefreeness of life.

This unbridled side, this small ounce of madness very nice, are the keys to its originality.
Because Josepha dares, where others hesitate!
Because Josepha shakes up the clichés, when others wonder!

Without a priori, she shapes the abundance of her imagination with spontaneity.

“I like to idealize. My work is a recreation and every new idea comes up like a game, like a beautiful story.”


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