“My artistic quest is to create the emotion that will awaken the child buried in each of us. »KIKo

KiKo, alias Manuel Fernandez, is a French artist born in 1985 near Marseille.

KiKo has always had a taste for drawing and painting and his teachers will say that he draws as he breathes! Art is not a subject in this family of sailors who primarily have a passion for the sea and fishing.

KiKo therefore joins the family tuna boat, leaving his webs for fishing nets.

From this harsh life of sailors where the sea ceaselessly calls you to order, KiKo builds an imaginary universe where the childhood that hangs its flight there will inspire all of his work. He will never stop drawing.


When he decides to devote himself entirely to his passion for art, he symbolically chooses “KiKo”, his child’s nickname, as his artist name.

Her universe is a palette of all the reminiscences of childhood. Along with the teddy bear and Charlie Chaplin, the “Kids from KiKo”

play on his canvas. In turn, mischievous, carefree, sulky, melancholy or sad, these little travelers from childhood carry in their

bundle, the joys, the wounds and the secrets of life.

Certainly the most expressionist of Pop / Street artists, KiKo works with charcoal drawing then in India inks on smooth and shiny backgrounds,

colorful and powerful. His technique reinforces an artistic DNA recognizable at first glance.

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