Originally from Biot, Nicolas Laty was introduced to glass by Jean-Claude Novaro, who gave him the technical requirement. Since 1999, this artist twenty years became known in French and Venetian galleries.

The freshness of his vocabulary of forms is punctuated with a spicy zoomorphic reflection and blown volumes depict wildlife or domesticated…

While others have done before (Seguso, Agostinho, Decobert …). But the sculptures of Nicolas Laty are distinguished by their sense of communication and a clever way of moving. Suggesting their quality of beings living in their single unit, they feature vibrant colors and realistic or cartoonish animation tools.

All colors used expressions of the characters and their facial expressions speak volumes.

Nicolas Laty blows the glass. He works torch to transcribe the imposing corpulence and long incisors of a walrus, the texture of the feathers of the flamingo …

Nicolas Laty takes advantage of everything that glass, a very versatile material, has to offer.

Some of his pieces are blown, some carved from the block at a temperature over 1,150°C and then highlighted through chromatic effects or adorned with contrasting materials.

He plays with transparence and opacity, polished and rough surfaces. Setting his creations against a background where glass intermingles with wood, stone, steel, and silicon in order to create fish, snakes, and cacti.

A moment watching him work makes it clear that in addition to his artistic eye. It is Nicolas’s sense of ease and agility that allows him to make the best of the supple material.

When a shark and a crab looking china dogs, imagination Nicolas Laty to reveal his sources : comics, cartoons. But also the observation of animal and human morals …. In his fables, the artist develops its characters in a setting where the glass joins growing wood or minerals. An evolution of species in danger of appearance.

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