Gérard Le Nalbaut was born in Lorient in 1946.

For nearly thirty years, he has exhibited in many countries: Luxembourg, USA, Japan, Côte d’Ivoire, Bahrain…

In France, Gerard Le Nalbaut exhibited in Honfleur, Arcachon, Beaune, Cannes, Paris, La Baule, Megeve, Nantes, Nancy, Lille, Le Touquet, Luxembourg, Noumea …

His works take us into a colorful country where elegant women walk amid lush vegetation.

Gérard Le Nalbaut creates an imaginary exotic. Its large high color figurative works are creations in honor of women.

His painting is a vivid color of happiness and suggested forms gives here obviously but without vulgarity. He found the secret alliance of opposites. His paintings strike the senses and the heart of a gloved fist, this sweet violence that joins elegance to brutality, retained the vivacity, femininity with masculinity.

Woman is queen in a vibrant garden of warm colors, timeless, elusive, a sumptuous and discreet thanks to the refined elegance that continues to intrigue the eye that admires.

Le Nalbaut dream of a fusion of the real with his inner vision as his lyricism the door to his pictorial approach a hymn to the woman in a floral glare.

Information from the gallery:

NEWS: Counterfeit paintings of our contemporary artists from China, circulating on the market. These copies !!! … These objects violate copyright law and intellectual property and mislead buyers about the nature of the object. Be careful !!!…

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