Child, Alfredo Longo has fun painting, drawing and decorating the walls of his parents’ house.

During his schooling, he became passionate about sketching and drawing classes, which eventually led him to enroll in the Binche Academy of Fine Arts. He enters by directly accessing the third year on a global curriculum of five years.

Learning oil painting on canvas allows him to perfect his hyperrealist style and discover new techniques such as “the art of claw” that he will exploit on different media. Winner at several painting competitions, he finishes his academic course with the highest distinction.

From the 1990s, the transition to sculpture is manifested in works and bas-reliefs in painted plaster, paper and cardboard. Nevertheless, after two years, Alfredo was forced to abandon large works for lack of space, so he devoted himself to painting only until the 2000s.

It is in 2005, that it renews priority with the creation of sculptures that it realizes in part in wood and welded metal parts of recovery. The first concrete works include bulls, horses and robot characters.

Sensitized by the overconsumption that strikes our industrialized societies, Alfredo Longo appropriates a usual material rich in colors: the drink can known to all, compressed and formatted according to its concept “Transform’ArtKompress ®”.

Today, his monumental art is mainly oriented towards the reconscientization of the public to the notion of recycling and to the quest for meaning of the role of the artist in contemporary society.

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