MITRO is a French painter of Romanian origin.

Born in 1957, Mitro nurtured his artistic talent at an early age. Its entry to the Academy of Fine Arts in Bucharest mark the beginning of a great career.

He will be trained in graphic arts, painting, sculpture and restoration will come out of his class. Will follow several participations in group exhibitions in Romania that will confirm his incredible talent.

From 1982 he also worked on the restoration and decoration of various museums, churches and theaters in different major cities of Romania.

The year 1990 marks a turning point for the artist. His wife Greta, a renowned actress in Romania was invited to the Cannes Film Festival. During his stay, the couple falls in love with France and decided to settle there. It was also during this trip that Mitro discovers Venice, a city that will mark him deeply, both personally and artistically.

Housed in Normandy with his family, Mitro painted night and day job as a graphic designer in Paris until 1995 when he decided to devote himself entirely to painting.

Ten exhibitions devoted to it in the 90s in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Germany. He won the first prize of the jury at group exhibitions in Rouen, Vascoeuil and Maromme.

In 2000, things are accelerating with the consecration of Mitro as one of the great contemporary French painters. He enjoyed great success with French and foreign amateurs.

Since then, numerous exhibitions were organized in France, Europe and the USA. His paintings are now present in private collections in the USA, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, UAE, Singapore, Japan and major European countries.

“Now French painter born in Romania where he learned his trade and revealed his talent.

MITRO has built with gusto and determination, an advantageous first artistic reputation in Upper Normandy, where his first works started boldly caught my attention in the late 8O. And go and on course to this excellent artist whose different and curious way to convey the reality confirmed from galleries and art lovers.

Now from MITRO, here is a beautiful totally strange figurative who, from Paris to Venice via Rouen, the Loire and New York Castles, imposes large sizes of urban patterns that maintain a realistic tone but sail to a really contemporary painting, in a fluid touch that shield sites and characters of an original vivacity sometimes accentuated by a unique set pieces support the granite appearance with spirit.

Day or night, these vital evocations of MITRO completely absorb the attention and engrave such a magical and dynamic vision expressed by an artist of great talent, both strange and impressive.”

André RUELLAN, critique d’art

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