Fabien Novarino was born in 1963 in Chambéry.

His childhood was marked by the entire Fine Arts. He spends his time drawing, coloring, painting, cutting, shaping, her parents constantly providing new materials to quench his thirst for creation.

At the age of 7 years, the family settled in the south. After cultivating a rich inner world, his curiosity will open to the outside world and first of the landscapes that surround it: the bay of Marseilles and the limestone hills which graphics impresses. The light that marks permanently seized the sensitivity of the young artist begins to express personally. His literary studies led him to Paris where he attended the exhibitions of the Grand Palais – where he exhibited ten years later – the galleries of the Marais, the rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré and museums of the capital.

Fabien Novarino begins a search for his own way, always moving, personalizes his palette and looks for original shots. His work is quickly noticed by collectors and galleries who offered him his first personal exhibition.

Fabien Novarino exhibits throughout France. His works are present in the French and European private collections but also in the United States, Canada, in many countries of Africa and Australia.

“To see the work of Fabien Novarino, one is struck by his art of contrasts and sensitivity which he managed to combine architectural groups with a burning nature in the southern skies, along with its lavender fields remain impassive, violent and fresh. It’s amazing! … ”
Master Maurice RHEIMS of the French Academy

Fabien NOVARINO painted Provence as a person. Historically, he knows how to move the colors and scents constantly renewed landscapes of the South.

Because he has the talent and spontaneity of real artists, it catches the light solids by vigorous, never seem laborious us or worker.

His works touch us naturally removed by the flaming colors of his imagination.
He recites his feelings on the soft palette and magic of his art. Violent and tender at once, he knows in his paintings vibrate all the love of his craft. It would be useless to track the number of its awards, or to quote the collectors around the world who loved his paintings.

Fabien NOVARINO is an artist always moving, loved and recognized by a growing number of fans without ceasing. We must discover his world of light and color to understand all the attraction of his painting.


1991.92: Autumn Salon – Grand Palais
1993 Exhibition of French Artists – Grand Palais
1993 Salon des Independants – Grand Palais


Saint Rémy de Provence – Bordeaux – Carry le Rouet – Mulhouse – Nancy – Dijon – Orleans – Mougins.
Rome – London – Montreal – New York.


Switzerland – Great Britain – Italy – Netherlands – Luxembourg – Germany – Russia – Canada – Brazil – Argentina – Australia – Japan – United States


Museum of History and Provencal Painting – Sainte Maxime – Var

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