Victor SPAHN ; The Movement Painter

Since the early eighties, Victor SPAHN walks his unwavering passion for the sport in the contemporary world pictorial landscape. A point of being nicknamed “The Painter of the Movement.”

Victor Spahn was born March 20, 1949 in Paris to Russian parents. High school to say the least “jolting”. “I drew all the time. Last class and continually punished, I did not do anything else …” to the dismay of his teachers and parents. “If I was a poor student, by cons I have never been worried about what I was going. I always felt that something above me, was going to shoot me …”

At 15, we find waiter and bellhop at the Claridge.
After working at a manufacturer of ceramic tiles, he founded in 1968 his own company and realizes architectural ensembles mosaic decoration from his own cartons. “The apostles”
He obtained in 1970 a First Prize in New York for a mosaic table and simultaneously participates in fairs and French Freelance Artists. He meets André Lanskoy, who heads to painting. It becomes his pupil.

1971 – 1978: During these years, Spahn exhibited in the Salons and in many galleries, Salon d’Automne (Paris, 1974). In 1975, an expo. Personal Gallery to Liszt in Paris, the realization of a fresco poue the Chambourcy Mall, wall decorations for Sartorius – France and the company GEPA.

In 1976, the Toyota company organizes an exhibition of Spahn in Paris. In 1977, he was in Marseille (Profile Gallery), as well as the usual shows. In 1978, he made mosaics boxes for a Riyadh palace, his last work in this area.
Royal Chapel of Dreux

1978 Art Gallery Exhibition Matignon in Paris and Gallery Ror Volmar in Vichy. He is winner of the “Henri KEROURÉDAN” FIAP – Paris.

1979 sees three exhibitions in Paris. Etienne Gallery Sassi Hotel Frantel and Arditti gallery.

1980: Winner of Living Art 28, he exhibited at the Salon Equus at the Louvre des Antiquaires, but also again in Stephen Sassi and in Jeddah at the Gallery Arts Tag.

1981 Finalist in Antral Price, decorating a dramatic TV: “The Rembrandt of Verrieres.” A new exhibition at Stephen Sassi.

1982: At the Polo de Paris, it is the beginning of his themes Golf and Polo.

1983 Exhibition Gallery Marbach in Mulhouse, Maya Gallery in Strasbourg Thomann Gallery. Sending the National Society of Fine Arts in Paris. First Gallery Exhibition Place Beauvau.

1984 Gallery Albert 1 in Antibes, Wally Findlay (Chicago and Palm Beach).

1985 Exhibition Gallery of Boilermakers in Geneva and Johannesburg.

1986: Once again the Albert 1er Antibes Gallery. Creating the poster poster 1 Open Tennis Paris-Bercy published by AGE.

1987: Gallery Swan àMontréal Wally Findlay to Chicago, Shibuya in Tokyo. Exhibition Place Beauvau. Victor Spahn realizes the poster handball B World Championships.

1988: Exhibition in Oslo (Norway), Paris (Galerie E. S. Laburthe-Tolra), Wally Findlay (Palm Beach).

1989: Creation of the poster of the Open Golf Peugeot. Exhibitions in Tokyo, Paris and Gordes (Galerie E. S. Laburthe-Tolra).

1990: Poster for the Perrier Tournament. Poster for the Polo World Championships in Deauville organized by Lancel. Exhibition – Gallery Boilermakers in Geneva.

1991: Exhibition at the Art Gallery Place Beauvau in Paris. 5 (French TV Channel now defunct) invites to a newscast to talk about his art with the journalist Jean-Claude Bourret. Wally Findlay Exposition in Chicago.

1992: Displays the Formula One Grand Prix France 1. Displays speed skiing for the Olympics, representing Mr. Pruffer (speed skiing Olympic Champion). Exhibition “Toffoli and Spahn” in the Gallery of Art Annecy. Decorating the car Philippe Gache for the competition of 500 miles Indycar (USA). Displays of France for female Foil Championships. Decorating the tent Rhône-Poulenc for tennis tournament Roland Garros.

1993 Exhibition in Japan in the Lyrical Art Ltd in Tokyo, Art Brilliant Co. Ltd. in Tokyo also.

1994 Exhibition in Honfleur, prestigious exhibition at Space Hanae Mori Bldg Tokyo, Paris and Cannes. Poster for the Artistic Skating Trophy Lalique in Paris. Printing on Limoges porcelain, AMD editions

1995 Exhibition in Avoriaz. Prestigious exhibition at Space Hanae Mori Bldg Tokyo. Editing a major book on this recent work, published Lyrical Art. Silkscreen published editions Lyrical Art.

1995 Official program of the Grand Prix de France F1

1996 Trophée Lalique. 1st Aubusson tapestry.

1997 – 1998: EExposition in Tokyo, Geneva (Galerie Sainte Catherine). Following the creation of Aubusson tapestry (Jumping).

1999-2000: Official poster of the Figaro Race 1999 exhibition in Annecy, Nancy, Honfleur, prestigious exhibition in Geneva (Club 58), dedications to the bookstore Furet in Lille, realization of a fresco in Dreux with children of Oriels district, exposure to the USA in St. Pauls Church Hall, exhibitions in Paris, Toulouse, Megeve.

2001-2003: Poster for the French Rugby Stadium.

Working lunch with President of the French Republic, Mr. Jacques Chirac DreuxExpositions to the Hall of Papeete tropics, at the Galerie du Palais in Geneva and at the Galerie de Crans sur Sierre (Switzerland) of Alinghi paintings.

2004: Important exhibition in Paris.

September 18, 2004: Edition of 4 new lithographs.

2005: Exhibition in Marseille.

Spring 2007 – Meeting with Prime Minister Francois Fillon during his visit to Dreux.

Mr. Gérard Hamel, Mayor of the town of Dreux offered Mr. Fillon a work of Victor Spahn representing the foreground a Renault F1.

Today that said representation of the sport, said Victor Spahn.Et poster that says sports said, again and again, Victor Spahn, Landmark … Spahn’s works are acclaimed by many fans worldwide and it runs the world …
In his later paintings the artist is interested in urban atmospheres of cities PARIS – NEW YORK – LONDON – CHICAGO … reducing the pattern to a grand overview of all these great Megacities .

Victor Spahn, the magician …

“I’m sure Victor Spahn made a pact with the fairies. Just look at his eyes devourer of life, a look that love you, you transperse to the other side of the galaxy. Victor Spahn is the ally of the fairy of colors, although he also excels in black and white. Warm, happy, harmonious, but always surprising, colors Victor Spahn is a great pleasure to the soul.
But Victor Spahn is mostly invisible master of his genius puts within reach of our eyes. The invisible wind, the invisible movement, gesture, speed. On the two-dimensional art, Victor Spahn harmoniously succeeds in creating a volume of pleasures and sensations. It is for me one of the greatest innovators painters of the XXI century. ”

Jean-Claude Bourret
Writer-journalist. Paris February 7, 2004

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