STAM Abstract Artist

Rare by the process as much as innovative by writing, this work is an artistic adventure as a human adventure.

Born of the imagination of two artists: MOGA and HANKO unite skills and talents to compose spaces of freedom entirely devoted to emotional pleasures. In the wealth and splendor of chromaticism, their contemporary writing mode is a spiritual language that draws its strength from the spirit of its two creators who have resolutely chosen, in perfect communion, to slam the door in conformity. The new technique perfectly controlled and allows all daring when creating this work for four hands written in the twenty-first century. Scrapings, overlays and rich variations alternate with rest areas.

Between color and strength :

Each painting is a new challenge, a unique experience for Stam its ambition to give birth to a work constantly renewed. Collectors are not mistaken, the appointment of a success that looks promising.

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