AIIROH is born in Narbonne in 1987, it is a French artist.
He paints and draws from a young age.

Working for some years as a graphic designer in France and Switzerland, Aiiroh draws inspiration from trends Pop Art, New Pop Art and Street Art.
Out of art school, it is oriented in the field of communication in order to become a graphic designer.

It was during this period that he decided to create these paintings using advertising or posters of the elements straight out of the street.
One of these early work consisted has to confront the dessinnée strip hero who inspired it since his childhood.

It diverts the image we may have of these characters.
In some of his works, the artiste AIIROH integrates brands to remind dependency that human beings consumer products.

The graphical power of these brands as it has an effect on our collective unconscious and on our aesthetic codes.
In line with its Pop-art predecessors, Airoh uses mixed and technical information, as affichisme, gluing crystals svarowsky, acrylic paint, stencil, freezing.

For the past three years, he is focusing on re-interpretation of iconic figures and pop symbols through posters he finds in the streets of Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Toulouse, Narbonne, next to his old graffiti “spots”.

He is a well-established artist in France, Switzerland, and USA.

The artist AIIROH is part of this new generation Neo Pop Art.

Neo Pop is not a new movement in itself but rather a resurgence of work on popular culture, and an accommodating means of classifying different artists that constitute it.

This path functions as the major entertainment media, which produce images and disposable icons, and trying to compete with them.

Yet the New pop differs in some respects from his senior. Society has changed, art too. Its artists seek to show how the negative side of cultural colonialism can be transformed into “strangely beautiful anomalies”. Their work is the result and the reflection of the society of globalized information.

Thus it is not to transform the aesthetics of everyday life into art but rather to demonstrate that art and consumerism, popular culture, are level and can coexist in the same image.

This current rejects the idea of a higher art to others, and wants to be close to the people and buyers, accessibility is his watchword.

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