New works by Kiko available!!

We are pleased to have received new and still beautiful works from Kiko this week!!

Come and discover the Ourson, Wooden Horse, Dancer and Thought, Little Worker collection, on the bench of works on blue, red, orange or even pink backgrounds.

Click here to discover them: New items available at the gallery.

New collaboration with Mr BRAINWASH

Mr BRAINWASH, a major Street Art artist and close friend of Banksy, enters the Saint Martin galleries.

Born in France, he has his own museum in Beverly Hills (

His very colorful works, filled with happiness and positivity are pure happiness for the eyes and the spirit.

All of her one-of-a-kind pieces have “Life Is Beautiful” on the back, her thumbprint, a hand signature, and a dollar bill with a serial number that matches the artwork.

Come and discover his paintings and sculptures in one of our galleries.

Opening of the second gallery of SAINT TROPEZ

The second gallery of Saint Tropez is open!! It is located in the mythical Provençal village and honors the artist Boutet.

The teams of Galeries Saint Martin will receive you and advise you in this new extraordinary place.

Adress : 14 Trav. du Marbrier, 83990 SAINT TROPEZ
Phone : +33 4 98 21 60 31
Mobile : +33 6 75 26 36 35


New collaboration with the artist : KIKO


Manuel Fernandez alias KiKo was born 1985 and is from Martigues, near Marseille.
He has an innate gift for drawing. But art is not a subject in his family of sailors who primarily have a passion for the sea and fishing.

KiKo therefore joins the family boat; you don’t leave the ship like that!
From this harsh life as a sailor, KiKo built an imaginary universe in which the childhood which suspended its flight there inspired all of his work.
It was later, in the studio of his father-in-law, a painter, that he learned the technique of painting and immediately created an artistic universe recognizable at first glance.
When he became a full-time artist, he chose his child nickname KIKO as his artist name.

New address in Megève

We inform our kind clientele that Galerie Saint Martin has changed its address in Megève. You will now find us at 71 rue Charles Feige and 58 rue Saint François in the heart of the village.



French artist from Normandy, inspired by the famous elephant Babar, Babolex symbolizes the transition from childhood to adulthood.

page de l’artiste