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Alben is a young artist Bordeaux. Self-taught, he exercises his activity as a painter in a studio located above a nightclub on the docks of Bordeaux ( “fabrick”). Fell in art from a young age, Alben was fed by the multiplicity of images, advertising and documentaries that criminalizes “contemporary mythologies.”

These large colorful paintings are directly inspired by the street art and graffiti, but also and especially American pop art of Andy Warhol, whom he admires above all. Hollywood icons, kings, old cars, superheroes … By accumulating images mostly taken from pop iconography from the 50s to today, Alben plays with kitsch, always subtly. This symbolism, which remains enigmatic, establishes an intimate and even spiritual relationship with the viewer.

In addition to paintings, made especially for the bomb and with stencils he makes himself one by one, Alben also features original sculptures. In fulfilling its busts in resin with objects from everyday life, candy or toys for children, Alben remembers his childhood and once again underlines a latent nostalgia, very present in his work.

It is simply the way of being of Alben, autonomous and independent artist. Indeed, his art can not suffer from any classification, any specific categorization may enclose his “maniera” in a specific register. He turned to a transcript of the contemporary immediacy, experimenting and inventing clean technology responsible for digesting forms to erect the status icons. We have to make “a designer craftsman”!

The only purpose of his art, but if we had to assign one, involves the transcription of a raw immediacy. The viewer is then transported in a space-time universe shifted. This touches the ironic vein of his work. Conditioned by a society where the quest for meaning is a leitmotiv, we find ourselves pushed around, if not poor, the face of this gross delivery of images, scripted and transformed through various technical, shattered the traditional cliches of ‘art.

The artist Alben has exhibited around Europe and the United States. He also creates installations in France. His works are in public and private collections in Paris, Dubai, Hong Kong, Australia, Bordeaux, London, Zurich, Italy, Mexico, New York, San Diego and Chicago.

With the release of one of his works in the Wall Street Journal, and a third exhibition in Spring Street, Alben is best known in New York and France.

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