François Boucheix was born January 7, 1940 to Montcheneix, a small village at the foot of the Monts d’Auvergne. He began drawing very young. Fatherless at 15, he has to learn a different profession of his artistic aspirations. Malgrè the hard work of the day, he held the evening and part of his nights to paint, and his days of freedom.

At 17, supervisor at Marist in Riom, he as a neighbor room the painter Jean de Rocca Serra, Rome Prize and former professor at the School of Fine Arts in Florence, who taught him the painting for a year.

He made his first exhibition in February 1960 in Tunisia, then in Auvergne province in particular and in the south of France. Four years in Chamonix, where he reads an advertisement in a national newspaper, the gallery seeks Sèvres painters. It responds to the announcement by sending photographs, and shortly after he learns he is retained.

It manifests itself in Paris in 1963 at a major exhibition at the Galerie de Sèvres where he met Bernard Bellaïche. From 1966 to 1972 he regularly exhibits in this gallery notably Lebasque, Othon Friez, Dignimont, Crau Salaboudet Madeleine Luka, Marie Laurencin and the paintings of Salvador Dali and Foujita.

François Boucheix offers a surreal view of the world with total freedom of inventive richness and wonder gift that keeps intact his fidelity to his roots and his land Auvergne. [Not neutral]

Bernard Bellaïche he meets Salvador Dali and that day everything changed. Dali tell him “your painting is good … besides she likes to Gala. ”

This is a result of a famous exhibition at the Sèvres gallery in Paris “Dali to Boucheix” with paintings by Meissonier he decides it will be a surrealist painter of dreams and happiness and not a sad surreal .

He meets an art critic writing in many newspapers, Georges Guiraudon, which for 25 years he will meet many art dealers.

He also met with the Sèvres gallery of Yasmine Ouezan, friend of the arts at all Paris of that time, the meeting will pass 30 years of friendship.

During his summer vacation from 1970 to 1974 Suzanne Bertillon came to rest in Royat in Francis Boucheix, she was the friend of Foujita, Zadkine helped a lot and lived the best years of Montparnasse. During a vernissage, the word that the works of François Boucheix inspired the art critic of Dawn “feeder Dali and Chagall is ensured ‘circulating among fans.

Since then Boucheix François worked for the best dealers and galleries and exhibits around the world.
Its production is dense and rich, justifying over the years multiple exposures that lead to the four corners of the world and the many distinctions and favors coming reward and honor its internationally recognized talent. His work is in many collections worldwide pledge of poetic surrealism and magical.

In July 2006, opening the surrealist museum François Boucheix presenting 230 paintings and 35 bronzes and traces his 1957 painting of life in 2007. The museum dream of lights and happiness with his first paintings.

Salvador Dali opens its theater museum in Figueras in 1974, he was 70 years old. François Boucheix inaugurates its theater museum in Vichy in 2006, he was 66 years old. François Boucheix The museum is the only museum of surrealist painter living in France.

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