Boutet, the digital sculptor

Settled in nature, Boutet completed studies in communication and graphic arts at School de Ste-Foy. “You have to have the technique to get rid of it and leave room for creativity,” he says. Raised at dawn, he studied for years with the greatest masters of digital.

Whether they are in Europe, Asia or the United States, his teachers teach him and coach him through the modern tools Facetime and Skype. His continuous development is also based on many courses offered exclusively online.

For 25 years, he has created, invented, animated characters for television and the Web, books and magazines for major international companies such as Universal Music (Universal Music), Hallmark (Hallmark), Colgate (Colgate), Scholastic (Scholastic), the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC), the Museums of Civilization (MCQ), etc. His characters become figurines, doggies, jewels. Its logos give a solid image to the companies that entrust it with the challenge of identifying them well.

Boutet has always been impressed and inspired by Picasso and Miro, by traditional masters and modern eclectic artists. “If Picasso had possessed these modern 3d creative tools, imagine what he would have created! ”

Boutet masters the art of illustration, 3D drawing, video animation and painting. Today, he applies all his experience as a digital art creator in a very unique and personal style.

Boutet’s works are avant-garde while being classical subjects. The impressive grace of his characters is his vision, his design, his choice of materials and their layout, all amalgamated in a light space that he composes of any room.

With such a vision, its experience and all these learnings, not surprising that Boutet creates a new form of art, digital sculpture!

Boutet, the work of art

Bubbles of glass and metal. Modern industrial plastic. Granite and polished Onyx. Raw bronze, soft gold. Merged and amalgamated materials.

Faces in suspension. Round and elongated shapes. Perceptible movements.

Direct or diffuse lights. Transparencies. Clarity. Shadow and opacity.

Modernity and classicism. Complexity of technology combined with the rusticity of traditional tools. The second dimension goes to the third.

At the same time sculptor, gemologist, welder, glassblower, lighting designer, Boutet creates a new form of art definitely unique, the digital sculpture.

Artistic research, concept, drawing and technology specific to Boutet.

The materials are computerized to redefine mythical characters and icons, sometimes Chaplin, sometimes Monroe, sometimes Beatles.

By the choice of substances and forms, with all the creativity and experience that Boutet puts in, each work is the first and the last.

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