Stephan Chinikov

Born in 1969, Stephan Chinikov grew up in the city of Sofia, where he showed off his talent for painting at a very early age. He studied at the College of Fine Arts in Sofia between 1984 and 1988 and graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts in 1994. He quickly realized that the academic style is not what his heart desires and he distinguishes himself by plunging into much freer and expressive universe. In his creations, Chinikov follows the rich traditions of European art while developing a personal touch that is easily recognizable with its distinctive shapes and bright colours. His works are the expression of a true Slavic sensuality, determined by the origins of the artist, whose predominant themes are the eternal love and happiness. “Love is the fibre of life,” says Chinikov, whose Slavic soul is fuelled by true emotions and strong feelings that he expresses and translates into his work. His sources of inspiration are The Life, The Woman and The Music.

With a real freedom of his expression and unlimited imagination, the artist constantly plays with the faces and the bodies in order to destruct the usual forms and to recreate them in an unprecedented way by his imaginary and unique universe. He enjoys constructing his paintings from spots of colour, collages and abstract forms, letting himself to be driven by the improvisation and the spontaneity of the moment. The artist himself describes his works as an intermingling of emotions and colours. This melange is often reinforced by words or phrases that take the spectator in the desired direction. Filled with boundless positive energy, the paintings and sculptures of Chinikov impress with their delicate light, captivate with their vivid colours and overwhelm with their inspiring enthusiasm. Chinikov has more than 30 individual exhibitions and numerous participations in exhibitions in Europe, North America and Asia. His works are present in prestigious private collections of art lovers from all over the world.

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