Robert Combas is born in 1957 in Lyon.

He brought the dawn of the 80 new figurative painting.

Present on the art scene in 1979 he created a movement that Ben called Figuration Libre movement grouping: Rémi Blanchard, François Boisrond, Robert Combas and Hervé Di Rosa.
Painting done freedoms she talks about society, violence, sexuality, suffering people, their small joys, their smallness, their size …
She was inspired by the rock in which the artist is an amateur end, popular images, childhood books, textbooks everything that makes a popular culture accessible to all.
“I work in both abstract painting by jets, a kind of abstract expressionism The figurative is the fun side, walk on earth. Initially it was a ridiculous reaction against the intellectual paintings from the middle of two worlds . There are still different are messages in my painting. initially it was some energy, I wanted to paint what I wanted in the comics we’re stuck with the characters, as in this painting, I am art 70s Me I’m from popular areas, I was living in free fully free, even by the format. ”

“The painting of Robert Combas is perpetually on the alert as an organization. His work is indeed a constantly open structure and, therefore, needs to continually” food “to stay alive.

It goes without saying that such a phenomenon is not possible without the presence of the “other” is tell the viewer. Between this and work of Combas weaves a complementary relationship where one needs the “other” . and this means the image is used by Combas for “cause”, to get a reaction of the viewer and to “invite” then, is to say, whisper: “Come here to talk with me I want you tell stupidity, violence, beauty, hatred, love, serious and funny, logic and absurdity that surround our daily lives. ”
The artistic language does not stop at the borders of the intimate. On the contrary, it is starting from this item “intimate” it will then exceed to become “social”. A language which, at the same time is a positive attitude; because beyond the scenes of violence or intense sexuality, beyond the word picture combination (or sentence), the work of Robert Combas is primarily a gesture.

This gesture has no educational basis (the subject is not the epicenter) but is a behavior that is thirsty to broaden its scope beyond closed borders of a language of history Art, to turn to what until now had been despised by the elite that dominated art during the period of the 70s: children’s drawings, crazy, comics, music the rock childish “is actually nothing more than a strategy: that of a painter who wants to enlarge the field of action of its iconography.

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