Fernando Costa, who signs his works COSTA, was a French sculptor, welder, born 29 December 1970 in Sarlat.

Portuguese son of emigrants, he became steward aboard the liner Queen Elizabeth 2 from 1991 to 1993 and from 1994 to 1997, between the Trust House Forte service first global chain of luxury hôtels.

In 1998 he left the world of hotels to devote himself to artistic creation. Passionate about contemporary art in 1998 he became signs of recovery scrapped. All his work is done with antique panels to which the artist gives a second life.

Costa, artist, size pieces of road signs, delivering lying sculptures, mosaics bright enamel plates. It recreates the sense with an innate talent for aesthetics and balance of shapes and colors. In 2013, Costa was admitted to the exclusive club of artists in the Le Mans 24 Hours which he signs the official Art Car.

The welded panels of Costa often tell stories, with humor, at the confluence of several artistic movements, the New Realists, Pop Art and Street Art. Sometimes figurative, sometimes abstract, his works challenge for their construction and the special place that is made for color.

Costa gives life to these urban materials both integral to our daily and universal language. His works are in his image, both raw and full of subtleties.

Costa’s work has this magic that is joyous and unique. It took time and perseverance to make his work but is now one of the most quoted artists of his generation and exhibits in the world: Paris, Geneva, London, Brussels … and even New York and Beijing.

In 2013 it was the 18th artist in the world selected to create the “Art Car” of 24 hours of Le Mans. Consecration for him after Calder, Warhol, César, Arman and Jeff Koons …

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