Peter Klasen is born in Lubeck, Germany in 1935.
Lives and works in France.

From 1956 to 1959, Peter Klasen studied at the School of Fine Arts in Berlin. In 1959, winner of the mécennat of German industry, he obtained a scholarship and moved to Paris.

Peter Klasen is in the 60, a founder of the artistic movement called New figuration or narrative figuration. He develops a personal visual language, exploring and reinterpreting the signs of our urban environment, and more generally in our society.

Industrial theme profoundly marked his work. We thus find in the paintings of Peter Klasen, items such as pressure gauges, gear plate public works, metal locks, truck tarpaulins .. Also present logos, numbers and pictures from magazines or posters .

Painter of the urban concrete and metal, Peter Klasen explores the depths and vertigo of a dehumanized society. His works are present in more than 60 museums and public collections worldwide.

His works have been the subject of numerous monographs.

“Painting frees me from my anxieties”

What motivates you to paint ?? An engine that is up and running all alone, like a Volkswagen. Well, it’s not really a good example, right now, with the problems of the brand …

Photography. Photo feeds my future work. I leave my travels and I’m sorting the workshop. From this material, I develop new themes. Photographing the reality is not reduced but the sublime. This is an investigation of reality through the lens. The close-up limits our field of vision and focus our attention.

Language. I developed an antibody language that resists permanent aggression exerted on me the outside world. This is the summary of my life. The strength necessary to meet the individual and collective threat that we face.

Anguish. There is a common thread in all my work: loneliness, anxiety ?; this is what I feel in this society that ultimately makes us sick. This is as a painter, with my images, I try to free myself, to find answers.

Thought. It is three-dimensional: painter, photographer and sculptor. People know the painter and photographer but they often forget the sculptor.

New York. The discovery of a mythical place and the same time the rediscovery of a city that cinema had already perfectly told me.

Walls. The places on the fringes of our cities, underground, scrap, landfill yards, the hidden faces of our industrial world exert a strange fascination for me.

Wife. Always eroticized. It does not escape its reassuring aesthetic that brings us back to life. Through fragments of the female body, I invite the viewer to do the job.

Contemporary art. I think of the greater good, I accompany. This is more exciting than ever. Above the Street Art, a reaction to what the city offers us. Our tables are too small.

If you had not been a painter ?? Musician. My father was a musician in his spare time. He played the violin Brahms, Bach, Mahler …

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