Karl LAGASSE was born in Paris on 4 April 1981 in a family of artists.

Teenager, he met the artist César, who encouraged him to continue his work of collages. It is at the same time it descends into the underground carry tags with her adopted brother, a member of the Black Dragons.

The city will then leave him. Cutting-bonding becomes a real passion for him. It was during his meeting with the artist Yvaral Vasarely, who suggested he combine his collages and its tags, he prepares his first exhibition in Paris.

These tags and collages, it will go to painting and photography. He sold his first painting at the age of 15 in Antwerp.

He gets his first article in Paris-Match magazine. Then he returned to Paris where he made his second solo exhibition of paintings buildings, collages and photographs, the Espace Cardin.

Today Karl Lagasse is a photographer, painter, video artist but also a sculptor. He exhibited in Europe, the US and soon in India.

The Dollar is also a powerful symbol of his admiration for the United States with this phrase that adorns: In God We Trust. The same ticket, series 1995, the year when the dollar was at its highest levels, comes in bright colors and sizes. These tickets, contrary to what one may imagine, were not fixed, they writhe and undulate with the works in motion.

An article in the Art Price class in the top 10 artists under 30 years.

Then he exhibited in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, on the theme of the dollar “In God We Trust.”

Published in New York in the book “For In stand with” the class the top 50 artists working on the American theme. He moved to New York to perform signatures.

Back in Normandy, he creates the work Cryptogram One in gold leaf and exhibits at Art Monaco 2011

In 2012, he produced a monumental sculpture for the 65 years of the Cannes Film Festival in collaboration with the Corbis photo agency, which provides the 2011-1945 images to make this work, which will be displayed on the hotel’s beach The Carlton, where actors and actresses sign his work.

Karl Lagasse also exposes sculptures out front “One Dollar” monumental.

Back in Deauville, Karl Lagasse offers the city its work “Cryptogram One” in bronze with a message of peace and love that is installed at the entrance of the city, inaugurated by Mayor Philippe Augier.

In 2014 the car brand Maserati Ghibli world launches its new model. It carries an abstract with a writing of Psalm II in Latin, the silver foil throughout the body. The work is exhibited at the Grand Palais during the fair Art Paris Art Fair.

For Maserati, the artist decided to make a second work, a facility that France Culture will speak in a program where it is associated with Jeff Koons. Karl Lagasse is then selected to participate in fairs Art Basel and Art Miami Win Wood.

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