Serge Mendjisky was born in 1929 in Paris. His father, Maurice Mendjisky, was a painter of the School of Paris, this is how Serge acquainted with the world of Arts dice childhood. After completing his studies at the Beaux Arts in Paris, he soon became a recognized artist and exhibited in Europe, Japan and the United States. Already, he uses photography to make its preliminary studies in painting.

In 2000, he decided to use photography as the only means of expression. He borrows the collage technique to alter photographic images and articulate its multidimensional worldview. The multiple perspectives, expressed in his collages evoke clearly the analytical phase of Cubism. Pablo Picasso, Serge Mendjisky well known thanks to his father’s activities on the art scene at the time, told him that the actual Cubism would be fully achieved through photography. Serge Mendjisky always kept this vision in mind, and after many years of technical exploration, he found a way to question not only the appearance of the world, but also our perceptual behavior.

By decomposing and recomposing the backgrounds of some of the most famous cities of the world like New York and Paris, Serge Mendjisky creates new urban landscapes which question our perceptive faculties.

Volumes, lights and colors create different visual rhythms that establish new relations between time and space. Through the creative goal Serge Mendjisky Broadway becomes an explosion of colored lights, while the “Down Town” New York poetically waltz with a cello sounds. Recognizable cityscapes are redefined and reformulated reality becomes three-dimensional.

The work of Serge Mendjisky is represented in public collections as well as private, the one of the Museum of Modern Art in Paris, the Museum of Art in Philadelphia and the Museum of Fine Arts Pushkin in Moscow.

In 2014, Museum opens Mendjisky dedicated to ” School of Paris” in Paris.


The work of Serge Mendjisky on photography has provided vital impetus, a new energy to this medium. Fragmentation and arrangement of formal elements, like the photo itself, color, line, form, deconstructed perspective achieved one goal: more plastic effect.

The analytical deconstruction of his photographs, inspired by Cubism has become more complex over the years, in a series of artistic processes ranging from scaling, to the mirror, through the setting 3d space, and processing contour arabesque. In each experiment, the artist invites us to visual stimulation of a dynamic always renouvelée.¨

Picasso had predicted Serge Mendjisky that through photography, he reinvent Cubism !!! …

His works are in about 25 International Museums , either by buying paintings from museums or through donations of paintings by collectors .

His works are in major international collections , including: G.Renant – Prince Aga Khan – N.Rockfeller – M.Bleustein Blanchet – M.Pagnol – H.Troyat – Dunoyer de Segonzac – Ed Rothschild . – Ford – Kennedy – Loeb – Zammaron – PLWeiller – L.Feraud – Sir Ch.Forte – Lord Hirschfield – Gulbenkian – EGRobinson …

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