Mr Live is a visual artist born in 1968 in Lille.

Fascinated since childhood by the artists’ world and their works, Philippe Clairé gal is bored in his commercial costume.

During his meeting with the artist David Cintract his life takes a radical turn when the initiator of the free movement Pop said, “becomes the artist of your life.”

Thanks to a strong friendship between the two people and hard work, he passes the sculpture to painting. He became happy Mr Live.


David and Mr Cintract Live

“Free Space Pop Concept is a place dedicated to the work of artist David Cintract. French contemporary artist and initiator of the movement “Free Pop” and more a movement: a state of mind (Lifestyle). It is inspired by current events, everyday, film, comics better mix his desires. It uses various techniques (photo, inclusion of other products, oil, acrylic …) and new technologies (digigraphie) that he mastered. The space is open mainly to professionals but also to individuals who wish to discover the works of the artist. The space also presents the artist “Mr Live” sponsored by David Cintract. Multidisciplinary, it creates fences with video, sound as well as sculptures. ”

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