PARCELIER Laurent was born in 1962 in Auvergne.

After studying Applied Arts Duperré in Paris, he started in the comic. He published 8 albums at Casterman.

Meanwhile he began to devote himself to painting. It exclusively since 1996. Since that date, after several shows and exhibitions he exhibited in several galleries in France and the USA.

If we had two words, not one more set for the work of Laurent PARCELIER, it would be poetry and light. Which might be added, luxury, calm and voluptuousness, love of nature, quiet places and warm family atmosphere.

Poet of light, the poet is assured. Blink eyes slightly, place in front of one of his paintings and watch it at your leisure, you will only see sparks of light everywhere.

Laurent PARCELIER gives the impression of living in eternal holiday, between Provence and Luberon.

Happy and contemplative, flowing peaceful days with family in a beautiful house, basking in the sun of the south, nestled in a village clinging to the hillside, with the only horizon, the sky, the sea, a flowery plain, wooded mountains, offering bahous bald head to the caress of the day.

Impressionism :
As part of the largest movement of traditional French impressionist painting, and more specifically, the work of Parcelier is not less remarkable and very personal.

The visitor’s eye is first attracted by the graphic writing that comes from his experience in the world of comics. It was then struck by the meticulous and rigorous construction of his paintings. There is indeed a kind of spine that allows the color, broadcast by a multitude of light touches, not to get lost in a chaotic abstraction.

The works of Laurent Parcelier are part of many private collections throughout the world, and are well known to art lovers from France and Europe.

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