Raya Sorkine was a French painter.

Alain-François Bouvier Cachard was born in 1936 in Paris. His artist name is Raya Sorkine, name and surname of his mother. The latter, a Jewish Russian immigrant, conveyed his Semitic and Slavic culture.

He saw in a joyous Jewish culture, punctuated by traditional festivals and music, the colors, the events and the atmosphere in his paintings resonate. Its culture is therefore essential influence.

But we see that his work is synonymous with diversity, developed since childhood, rocked by numerous trips and wars. Growing up, he continued traveling through Europe, and translated into his work all his knowledge of the world: it is the cultural difference that makes it grow, he and his work.

By immersing themselves completely in painting at age 22, he had no relationship that could help him in his approach. For over ten years, Raya Sorkine experienced misery, “a tent was my luxury.”

After his travels and its culture, its third source of inspiration is the woman. Four women and seven girls will all muses. The paintings are populated Raya Sorkine contrasts. While the eyes of the characters reflect the horror of the time (with the Holocaust, for example), the colors sing the hymn to life: yellow, red, green … They express a serene optimism.

Since 1962, he exhibited in galleries and museums both in France and abroad (Germany, Japan, USA …).

At the age of twelve, he left school and, barely fourteen years old, with a small sketchpad, he hit the road like a nomad. He sleeps under the stars. Europe, Scandinavia, the Middle East … it goes everywhere, drawing or painting.

Later he bought a caravan to continue his travels. Along his wandering life that lasts almost twenty years, it disperses in the world his many paintings, he married four women he has seven daughters.

Today, grandfather of four grandchildren, the painter has lost none of its primitiveness or its universalist mysticism. In his house in southern France, he likes to read texts of the Zohar or the Kabbalah.

He paints the night listening to “Music” (cosmic or religious). His painting is deeply and profoundly Jewish slave.

Admitted to Bénézit since 1971, Raya Sorkine is present in all international guides and its rating is regularly confirmed by Drouot auction of Versailles, Geneva, London …

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