Benjamin Spark is a French painter born in 1969. He lives and works in Brussels.

At the age of 28, Spark is part of the Fine Arts in Paris before flying to the United States for inspiration. He then moved back to Belgium to perfect his style. He devoted himself entirely to his art.

It draws on the mass media, caricature, advertising, and most of the comic. It is directly in line with the Pop Art movement, and more specifically from Pop Art Brussels. This is an unusual mix of European urban art and the influences of the AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE.

He developed his own techniques and a very special skill, with highly finished compositions. Spark feeds the world around him to recreate his own universe full of humor. Through painting, he expresses his feelings and his feelings towards the world. Refreshing, his works announced a new milestone in Pop Art.

His works have evolved over time, particularly following the arrival of the internet, which will amend the agreements previously established by s.

Since 2007, Spark has exhibited in Paris, Brussels, Düsseldorf, New York, Marrakech and more.

Benjamin Spark is a major artist on the French scene of urban neo-pop art.


His work will arise a complex patchwork influenced by the narrative figuration, graffiti, tag, manga and Pop Art. All for lying compositions on canvas where necessary contemporary graphic icons.

His artistic culture is at the height of his career.

By copying the images of our popular culture, the artist is not interested in reproduction as such but the memories and beliefs associated with it. This is a significant reclaiming the imagination of the industry.

The artist says: “What interests me is that produce images that produce forms. Each work is a clean path. “

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