Franck Tordjmann was a french sculptor and painter, born in 1958.

His favorite material is plexiglas. Of great purity, his compositions play with transparency and light to create emotion and reflection. These aerial sculptures, unique and original works, are always composed of violins and other musical instruments.

In 2005, also returns to its first passion, the painting, and he créate a new concept: the painting under Plexiglas. His paintings play with the most lively colors while preserving this exceptional luminosity.

Since 2009, Franck Tordjmann enjoying huge success with his compositions original photos around major cities : Paris, New York, Londres. The symbols of these capitals merge freely mingle, overlap to create a new city : dreamlike and magical.

In 2014, the artist still renews with ”instruments bouquets” unique sculptures made with real saxophones or trumpets… In his works, he materializes sounds. He physically interpret the emotions aroused by music.

In 2015, Franck Tordjmann continues its concept of memory objects by working on original posters of french, american or italian cinema. These posters are enhanced by a subtle work lacerage, ”Gone with the wind” and ”The ten commandments” is to be discovered in a new light.

Franck Tordjmann had permanent exhibitions since 2002 in Paris, Saint Tropez, Honfleur, Megève, Courchevel, Cannes, Arcachon, New York, Napels, Singapour.

His works are also exhibited in Knokke in Belgium and in Lausanne Switzerland

Since 2003, he is listed at Drouot, sold at Drouot and Artcurial and is part of numerous private collections in the world.

Among his collectors : Nicolas Sarkozy, Shimon Peres, Woody Allen, Madonna, Jean-Jacques Goldman, Johnny Halliday, Patrick Bruel, Naguy, Gilbert Montagné, Steve Suissa, Tomer Sisley…

Franck Tordjmann is the second french artist after Marc Chagall to be entered in the knesset, the Israeli Parliament. One of this painting from the collection ”The great Men of Israel” is on permanent display since 2006.

In 2016, new sculptures combining Judaism and music were born : hanukkias composed of 8 trumpets recalling the 8 days of this celebration of freedom and light.

Text of Stéphane Desprez

Music, like an impalpable air, is listened to and evaporates. We sometimes dream of being able to capture it, freeze it, to make it eternal, timeless.

Franck Tordjmann realizes this dream through a series of sculptures in which instruments and music pose in a showcase of Plexiglas, freezing their lines and reflections, thus trapping their melodies.

Transparency plays with light and we could almost imagine these instruments dancing, flying, breaking their fortress to emancipate their musical soul.

It is a work of a remarkably mastery of an artist, a painter as well, who knows how to set aside the canvas to devote himself to volumes around enigmatic sculptures.

After bronze, in which he could paid tribute to the artists of New Realism from whom he drew inspiration, Franck Tordjmann offers us unique works made of wood and Plexiglas from which a real feeling of poetic serenity radiates.

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