Julien Garcia or artistic retraining

Nature, source of inspiration.
Each of his creations is original, unique and impossible to reproduce identically, handmade in a traditional way because it is about plastic mosaics. There is no question here of a published art object. Each of the pieces has a soul, a clean history that can not be reproduced.
Nature and its magnificence are the main source of inspiration for Julien GARCIA. All her creations are indeed derived from simple and living beings – animals and plants …

Use of recycling materials.
All creations are based on plastic and recycling, that is to say oil, whose resources are limited to about fifty years.

Awareness of overconsumption.
The plastics used come from objects, useful or useless, of everyday life. They all have the distinction of being ubiquitous (remotes, computers, hard packaging, toys …), and often end up in the trash after having a limited life. By reusing them, Julien GARCIA tries in a certain sense to denounce the society of overconsumption in which we live.
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