[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Benjamin Spark is a major artist on the French scene of urban neo-pop art.

His universe, influenced both by the narrative figuration, graffiti, tag, manga, Pop Art … is populated by characters from popular culture (pub, caricature, comics, cartoons), especially super- his childhood hero.. “I learned a bit of life with them They helped me grow beyond my fascination with the world of childhood, there is in these icons of all BD human nature: good and evil, fear, fantasies, the heroism of marvels, the anti-hero comics, humor Belgian authors “.

But these Spiderman, Wonder Woman, Daredevil and other Mickeys are revisited here, juxtaposed or intermingled, creating an explosive universe in which “people are freed of the boxes and the words explode bubbles”.

A painter and sculptor, Benjamin SPARK appears as a powerhouse of the “street pop” Brussels, a movement that claims the synthesis of American pop and culture of European street art.

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