French post has been editing today my second stamp, edition of 1 million stamps of 1,40€ for the 100th birthday of the poet Léo Ferré by C215…

The C215 Stamp centenary of Léo Ferré (1.40 €) came out for his first million copies ….

In a time not so long ago, a mailbox was torn in Vitry because grimée by C215, like other elements of “street furniture”.

A year later, the stencil artist C215 “sign” a stamp for the Post which celebrates Léo Ferré. The author, composer and performer would have celebrated his hundredth birthday August 24, 2016.

In celebration, the Post will issue in September a special stamp: his portrait by Christian Guémy, alias C215. It was painted outside on the door of a power substation, Francisco Ferrer street Ivry. This stamp birthday will be drawn to one million and twenty copies. It will be sold in preview on 22 and 23 September at the Square of ink, a writing space and philately in Paris.


Interview C215:

“My first professional contact with La Poste date in particular PAINT BALL operation, conducted in 2012. He was working on street letter boxes, then presented to the Musée de La Poste then auctioned to benefit the restoration of a fresco that Keith Haring was conducted for the Necker hospital in Paris. With forty other street artists, I had been associated with the event.

People involved in philately in La Poste were interested in my work. They offered to carry the Break Dance stamp on the occasion of the Feast of the Stamp of autumn 2014. And then they contacted me again so that I design the stamp issued in early September for the centenary of the birth of Leo.

The family of singer gave me pictures, I chose one of them to the facial expression and what it technically allowed. And I also wanted this work is in the street, in Ivry-sur-Seine. Ferré, it’s a tradition that I love, the poets, folk singers, free, engaged …

Through this design, I wanted to show that, and then also display the red, the black, the colors of anarchy … Other stamp projects may emerge …

In conjunction with the Post Office, I still continued to paint personalized mailboxes. There are twenty in Vincennes, much to Mulhouse. That form of course that people follow with maps, walking, cycling … In the train stations as …

These boxes, it is a universal medium, a common good, I’m also in Louviers, in Belgium, in Rabat, for the Postal Museum of Morocco. Soon in St. Petersburg … “

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