[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Internationally recognized, the work of Peter Klasen is visible in dozens of museums and public collections.

Peter Klasen is in the 60, a founder of the artistic movement called New figuration or narrative figuration. He develops a personal visual language, exploring and reinterpreting the signs of our urban environment, and more generally in our society.

Industrial theme profoundly marked his work. We thus find in the paintings of Klasen items such as pressure gauges, gear plate public works, metal locks, truck tarpaulins and wagons, hydraulics hoses. Also present in his paintings logos, numbers and pictures from magazines or posters.

Master of contrasts, he is fascinated by the hostility of the modern city and the representations of the body to the commodity status.

Painter of the urban concrete and metal, Peter Klasen explores the depths and vertigo of a dehumanized society. His works are present in more than 60 museums and public collections worldwide.


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